What would a garden be without a tree? These essential and long-lived garden residents offer so much to gardeners and the local environment alike. Depending on your choice, you can expect impressive displays of flowers, ornamental fruit, colourful or attractively textured bark and, of course, foliage. This can be year-round with evergreen trees; while deciduous ones bring the joy of often dazzling autumnal tints and interesting winter tracery. Almost all will delight in spring with their soft, lush new growth.

Trees can offer gardeners privacy, mask unsightly views, give shelter from winds and provide cool shade from summer sun. They can be used singly or with others; they may be underplanted or positioned in a lawn or terrace. Use them as a living focal point or position them to form a backdrop to your garden. The environmental impact of trees is profound. As a habitat for many different garden animals they are vital. In urban areas, the effect they have of cooling in summer and helping to prevent flash floods is only now being properly understood. In all but the very smallest of sites there is a tree that will suit. Choose from feathered, multi-stemmed, standard, specimen or pleached trees.

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