Commitment to the environment


As growers of trees and plants, at Form we are incredibly passionate about the environment and our impact upon it. Our business decisions are lead by how we can operate in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible, ensuring we do our bit to sustaining our beautiful planet for generations to come.

It is more crucial than ever for the horticultural industry to amend its impact on the environment. Form understands the importance of working consciously and responsibly throughout the nursery, and strives to make the world a greener place to live. At Form our strategic business decisions are informed by our commitment to the environment, below are just some of our approaches we take.

  • It is our intention to conserve resources by minimising our waste where possible.  At the nursery we ensure that a strict policy is adhered to in the purchase of materials to minimise the production of waste.
  • Throughout 2022, we have used zero chemicals on any of our range. Bio-diversity should be celebrated not annihilated, we work with nature to ensure no nasty chemicals are required, even if it means the occasional blemish or bite mark, perfection shouldn’t pay the price for the protection of the environment. Find out more about our plant health policy here.
  • Vehicles and transport have the biggest impact on the environment at Form, and as such, we actively work to reduce this as much as possible. As an example we aim to group deliveries together where possible, and the same when transporting plants to our showroom. Our vehicles are all ULEZ compliant, and we work hard to offset the carbon produced on these deliveries through tree planting programmes.
  • All of our containerised tree are grown at our showroom in peat free compost. Our range is grown in the ground prior to being lifted and containerised by our team of dedicated horticulturists, so no peat is used at any point in the life cycle of our range. By owning this process, we can ensure that we do our part to reducing peat consumption and carbon emissions.
  • As our weather gets more extreme year upon year, the way we use, and the amount of water we use is hugely important. At Form we use recycled rain water where possible, and our nursery team have a strict watering regime to reduce the amount of watering required. Find out more about the show garden we built for the RHS and Daily Telegraph dedicated to water usage and ensuring a green planet for generations to come here.
  • Our commitment to the environment extends to our dedicated and specialist suppliers, across the UK and Europe. We will only work with nurseries and business that share our ethos for protecting and improving the planet. Our planet is far more important than profits.

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