• Platipus

    We are committed to being an all-encompassing supplier for our tree planting needs. Form is a stockist of Platipus tree anchoring systems. The market leader in innovative rootball and planting solutions.

  • We are committed to being a one-stop-shop for all of your tree planting needs. As part of this obligation, Form Plants are stockists of Platipus tree anchoring systems.

    Install your tree with the trustworthy Rootball Fixing System to ensure that your plant is installed securely and with ease. The underground securing mechanism ensures that unsightly guy wires are buried beneath the soil, while also helping to further stabilise the tree. As well as installing your specimen tree correctly and with ease, your plant can be buried at the nursery line to ensure successful establishment.

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  • Rootball Fixing System

    The rootball fixing system, including Plati-Mat, remains the preferred method of securing rootballed, airpot and containered trees.

    • A range of anchor systems to stabilise trees up to 20m
    • Reduced overall installation time
    • More secure fixing creating better establishment
    • No unsightly stakes or timber above ground
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  • G-Wall System

    The newest product from Platipus is the G-WALL system, with a modular layout that allows for incredibly simple vertival and horizontal expansion, using interlocking, omnidirectional cells with an individual cell capacity of 580ml.

    • Quick and easy to assemble
    • No batons, rails, hanging grids or membranes
    • Each cell provides 4 pockets for planting
    • Unique pocket ‘drip-through’ water system
  • Platipus G-WALL
  • D-MAN® System

    The award-winning D-MAN® is a strong, compact and lightweight system perfectly designed for those awkward planting areas, or where there are buried services present.

    • D-MAN® cells can be used individually or in multiples.
    • Omni directional cells are simple to lock/unlock together.
    • The unique cup provides valuable water storage.
    • One source supply reduces packaging and transportation costs.
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  • Form stock the tools for your new tree anchoring system

    We offer a singular destination for all your tree planting requirements. Form hold a range of tools to accompany the D-MAN® and Rootball Fixing systems, saving you from contacting numerous suppliers.

    The Platipus Rootball Fixing System will require three tools a Drive Rod, Plati-Hook and Tension Lever.  The D-MAN® system requires a Tension Lever only for installation. These tools are available at Form for purchase alongside the range of Platipus anchoring systems.

    Please contact a member of the team at Form with more information or queries on Platipus installation equipment.

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