• Dalefoot Compost

    Form Plants understand the importance of working considerately and accepting responsibility for our industries effect on the environment. We stock a range of Dalefoot's products because of the quality of the products they provide, and the minimal impact they have in the environment.

  • At Form Plants, we are proud stockists and consumers of Dalefoot Compost products; quality British, peat-free, organic and sustainable compost. We have a continuous supply of Dalefoot composts at our nursery, our stock includes Lakeland Gold as well as Bulb Compost, and their Wool Compost.

    Dalefoot are a family-run business based on a working farm in the centre of the Lake District producing quality British, peat-free, organic and sustainable compost. Their products are formulated to out-perform all peat-based blends, created with sheep’s wool and bracken and produced in Britain.

    In fact we are so enamoured with the goodness of this compost that we use it with the plants on our nursery.

    Supplement your order of quality trees with environmentally-friendly, homegrown compost, which is also available to order loose or in bulk bags, enough to suit any size project.

    Please get in touch if you would like to purchase any Soil Association approved compost.

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  • Lakeland Gold (40 Litre Bag)

    Traditional Claybuster and ‘Gold-standard’ Autumn Mulch. Encourages worms and enriches your soil. We use Lakeland gold because as the names suggests it is the gold standard for enriching soil by increasing the organic matter. It provides natural slow release nutrients, aiding moisture retention, balancing the pH, reducing erosion and providing a fantastic feeding ground for earthworms.

    Our team recommends Lakeland Gold for use in No Dig gardening and we use it heavily when top dressing our plants at the nursery (1 bag per m2).

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  • Wool Compost For Seeds (12 Litre Bag)

    We use Dalefoot’s peat free seed compost to give our seedlings the best start to life at the nursery, as it is specially blended to aid the germination of seeds.

    The benefits are endless with this product as seedlings require 50% less watering, the structure of the compost allows good drainage and it also stimulates healthy root development.

    Our team recommends using this product until potting on, when roots are developed, we transfer to Dalefoot’s Wool Compost.

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  • Wool Compost (30 Litre Bag)

    Once seedlings have germinated and roots have developed we pot our plants in Dalefoot’s Wool Compost. This compost is a mixture of wool and bracken, making 100% sustainable and peat free. On the nursery we tend to a large array of plants all with different irrigation needs. Therefore, the high water retention of Dalefoot’s Wool Compost is perfect for catering for all types of plants, especially for growing in containers where water retention is key.

    Our team would recommend it primarily for use in containers, hanging baskets and raised beds.

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  • Bulb Compost (20 Litre Bag)

    Dalefoot’s Bulb Compost is made up of 100% renewable resources, with a blend of bracken which allow bulbs to grow strong and restore their reserves for substantial the following year without having to be fed.

    At the nursery we use this Dalefoot’s Bulb Compost throughout the year as it designed for all seasons, allowing free draining and natural feeding for 2 years.

    Our expert team will happily impart a multitude of tips and tricks on delivery.

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