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    At Form we have an extensive range of specimen trees, topiary, shrubs and hedging, varieties and plant shapes have been personally selected by horticultural experts to provide you with iconic, quality specimens.

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  • Hedging

    Hedging is a popular solution for instant impact and is available in an array of forms and at various heights. These hedging plants are field grown and selected to order, ensuring the highest quality of plant. The range includes hedging plants to suit any budget, from high-end specimen rootball hedging, to younger, more affordable plants. The lifting of units commences in Autumn, through to late Spring. However, the nursery has an entire range available in pots, enabling you to plant all year round.

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  • Multi-stems

    Multi-stem forms offer characteristic structure and a stunning shape to flaunt feature bark. The open framework allows light and views through the stems. Unique silhouettes become a focal point, and are accompanied by brilliant shades of green, yellow and red, often attended with flowers or fruits. Multi-stem trees have a greater mass of foliage than standard trees, making them the ultimate architectural tree shape.

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  • Topiary

    Cushions or domes, blocks or pyramids, cones or beehives, and everything in between. These closely clipped forms are living sculptures, providing a strong structural presence in any space. Topiary pieces are the perfect architectural focal point for gardens of any size. Specimens at the nursery have been maintained by expert horticulturists, providing the industry with awe-inducing topiary.

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  • Special Items

    From pleached trees to boxheads, espaliers to parasols, let the nursery’s wide range of structural trees and shrubs inspire. With a variety of sizes available for each specimen, you are bound to find your next statement plant in the range.

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  • Shrubs

    Besides topiary, trees and hedging, Form also supplies a comprehensive range of shrubs. Ranging from 20 litre pots upwards, enabling you to provide top quality, instant impact shrubbery to your projects. From large country estates to small city terraces, the calibre of jobs that we work on means that plants on the nursery are grown to the highest horticultural standards by the expert nursery team.

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  • Perennials and Annuals

    Besides topiary, trees and hedging, Form also supplies a range of perennials, grasses, ferns and annuals.

    The nursery grows a vast selection of these plants, but if there is anything you require that is outside of the range we will use our network of local nurseries to help compile your list, saving you time, and offering peace of mind.

    Plants are cultivated for private projects, as well as being grown specifically for shows, such as RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The calibre of projects that we work on ensures that plants are grown to the highest standards by the expert nursery team.


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