• Biosecurity Policy

    Plant health and well-being is our top priority. At Form we promise to provide an exclusive and premium product for all your design needs, therefore we meticulously care for all plants on the nursery adhering to the correct standards set out by governing bodies.

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  • At Form we are committed to the implementation of biosecurity measures across our nursery and aftercare services to safeguard our stock from the introduction of harmful microorganisms in the future.

    Our team adhere to a strict set of guidelines and practices as set out by the government and trade organisations. Our policy changes annually and training is regularly undertaken to ensure the best possible health of the nursery.

    We adhere to EU and UK government policy for the transport of trees and plants from continental Europe to the nursery at Dorney. Reporting seed imports to PHSI (Plant Health and Seed Inspectorate) where via the eDomero and PEACH systems.

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  • All of the plants are covered under our plant passport, again regulated by PHSI and Defra, therefore any issues can be troubleshooted when they first arise.

    As a business we follow the APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) document ‘The Plant Health Guide for Importers’ when purchasing seeds to meet their specific biosecurity requirements.

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  • Qualified members of our team regularly carry out crop inspections, keeping records of what they find on each inspection, allowing us to act if needs be. The APHA and Defra also carry out regular inspections of the nursery.

    Our team ensure that any equipment used off the nursery are cleaned and disinfected before use again in the nursery.

    Our team are regularly trained on biosecurity whether that be through in-house training, industry body events or regulatory communications.

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